15 ways we can work together. 

I'm wireframing new concepts and bringing them to life in collaboration with my network of skilled friends. I'm constantly reinventing my "UX tool kit"and testing new software and methods, At the moment I am inspired by pretotyping, which is a method for rapid testing, originally developed at Google by Alberto Savoia. 

Creative Strategy

I'm helping brands find their unique voice and their very own strategy for change. Every project is different and requires a unique approach to suceed. Lately, I've been focusing a lot of my energy on the actual implementation, including the use of different "nudging" techniques to drive change within organizations. 

Process Facilitation

Doing digital means constantly reimagening the statusquo, it means figuring stuff out by being creative and sometimes breaking the rules along the way. I am often hired to drive digital projects from concept to launch and beyond. 

Brand Wrestling

Branding is not one thing. It's a combination of many things. A company should never miss a chance to brand themselves, but unfortunately there is no such thing as a secret formula, branding is hard work and dedication. I can help!

Process Redesign

Sometimes I am hired to help improve the processes that exist within an agency. I am drawing on my experience as a Digital Producer at Hello Monday, but also on my experience with "group freelancing". I'm offering my two cents on how to make a stronger team environment and a more solid, yet flexible project framework. 

Creative Troublemaking

Are you spending most of your time running your business rather than developing it? Have you forgotten how exciting it is to see your ideas transformed into something tangible and real? Reach out if you need help exploring, rethinking and reshaping your company or your product. I can help you turn your business upside down. 

Guest Lecturing

Over the past few years I have been invited to lecture or speak at Hyper Island, The Scandinavian Design College and Business Academy Aarhus and I've met so many wonderful people! I've shared my knowledge on topics like "process design" and "entrepreneurship", while at the same time introducing the students to career opportunities. 

Workshop Facilitation

Clear goals, the right location, relevant discussions and activities – and a clever follow-up plan! If done right, workshops can move mountains. Done wrong, they can be a huge waste of time. Reach out if you need help planning and facilitating your next workshop. 

Content Production

I can assist you in developing a unique style for your digital content (papers, blog posts, social media posts, case studies etc.) I can also help fix you up with technical oracles, amazing illustrators etc., I know where to find them!  

Design Research

Sometimes, we know which problem to fix, but we haven't figured out just yet, which product or service to design. The research will help us get there. I like to think of design research as a combination of both research for design and research through design experiments and I’m constantly developing new ways to do both. 

Project Matchmaking

I mix and match "supergroups" to find the right team of doers and makers in my network based on the specific project. This means not having to depend on what one agency can build, but what we can dream up together. 

Trend Consulting

No one knows exactly what's going to happen in the future, but by studying the shifting patterns in culture we can inform and inspire our own decisions. I can help your company forecast social, cultural and taste-driven movements and ideas and extract both valuable lessons and creative inspiration. I share my findings in various forms - videos, prototypes etc. 

Copywriting is storytelling. Tell me your story and I’ll help you turn it into a powerful, concise message. Don't worry, I'm a patient, good listener. 

Are we building the right thing? Does this even solve our problem? It often makes sense to build a very simple and cheap prototype to test the product or service in the very beginning of a project. There are several tools and techniques that can be used for building prototypes. They come in many shapes and sizes. I can help!

Side project-ing

I'm struck with new ideas all the time. Sometimes blurry ideas turn into real side projects and eventually these side projects become a part of who I am. In 2014 I started singing to patients and that turned into the side project Heart Sessions. Lately, I've been working on a "time machine" experiement, where I'm examining the patterns in ideas and innovations over time – from the need-based inventions of the past to the emerging movements of the future.